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Chechen Boys Saved Many From the Norwegian Killer


More details continue to emerge about the course of last month's shooting spree in Norway that claimed 69 lives -- the most deadly attack country has suffered since World War II. We now learned about two brave Muslim Chechen boys who not only tried to stop the shooter, but also saved many by pulling them into the cave which they discovered on the shores of the island. Movsar Zyamaev, 17, and Rustam Daudov, 16, became unexpected heroes of this tragedy.

Among the other details now surfacing about the Utoya spree was the confirmation from police that Andreas Breivik called police several times over the course of the massacre to surrender. According to Norwegian media reports, the police did not at first take him seriously. But two Chechen boys did take him seriously and even bravely tried to stop him.

Movsar Zyamaev and Rustam Daudov first thought it was a joke when they "saw a shouting man who was running after a group of youths," Russia Today reported. "But after they witnessed the man shooting three people dead, including one of their friends, they retreated to the woods."

Movsar and Rustam later hung back as Breivik, dressed in a police uniform, called over several young people who he then shot when they approached.

Movsar telephoned his father, "who instructed his son to stay calm, help others and try to stop the killer somehow," Russia Today wrote.

Movsar and Rustam said they crept up behind Anders Behring Breivik in the middle of the massacre in an attempt to stop him.

Good friends

The two comrades, Movsar and Rustam, both originally from Chechnya, met for the first time on Wednesday 19 July this year, at Utøya. They quickly became good friends, and were going to eat dinner when the first shots were fired, Friday 22 July.

When Dagbladet met the friends in Elverum yesterday, with the permission of their parents, they told of their experience of the terrible hours after Anders Breivik Behring took over Utøya.

In shock

We heard the first few shots and saw a gang of youths and an adult man come running in our direction. The man cried, and at first we thought that he was only acting. So we went in the direction of them, to see what was happening. As we rounded the corner, three people were gunned down right in front of us, said Rustam.The 16-year-old says that the sight made him so shocked that he could not move. Movsar therefore took hold of my arm and dragged me out into the woods, he said.

Go on the attack

He and his friends were in the woods a few minutes before they ran down toward the water. From there, Movsar called home to his father , and told him what happened.

I have witnessed when people have been shot before, in my country when I was little, and have had only a few flashbacks to it. But after a conversation with my dad, I was able to pull myself together. My dad said I should manage myself, and that I not only had to think of myself but also for the other youngsters on the island. He told me to try to help as many as possible of them. "Go and attack the perpetrator, and do it properly," said my father, says Movsar.

Shortly after, a police officer came into view.

He shouted to us as we were coming up to him. I thought it was safe, and was on the way up, but then Movsar said that he thought he was the perpetrator, said Rustam. And that was it. Soon after the police officer pulled out a gun and began shooting young people who came towards him.

Armed with stones

He was quite calm, and killed them, said Rustam. Movsar thought about what his father had said, and decided to try to stop the attacker.

According to Rustam and another friend, and armed with stones in their hands, they began to move up behind where Anders Behring Breivik stood. We were maybe three feet away from him and was going to beat him, but then he shot one of our friends in the head. Then we threw only stones and ran for our lives, said Rustam.While Rustam is uncertain, Movsar no doubt that he hit Breivik with stone.

First, he howled. Then he turned to me and shouted "fucking n****r", at me, says Movsar.

Rescued other youth

Movsar understood that it could be difficult to take Breivik, and so utilized all his effort to try to rescue the other kids. He found a sort of cave in the rock face and he told them to hide in it. Some had to go into the cave by force, he said.

In total, I saved 23 children, he said. He says that one of them was an eight-year-old boy. "I carried him on my shoulders for perhaps an hour."

Chechen Superman

Movsar also kept guard outside the cave. From there, he saw several young people in the water that were close and drowning.

I could not let them drown, and swam out and helped them. Three times I did it, but I was also completely out of energy, and cold. I was not able to rescue a boy who was only ten feet from me in the water. He drowned, said Movsar.

Rustam looked comfortingly on his friend and says:

"But if you had tried to rescue him, Movsar, you would have also drowned. You were a great man out there and saved a lot."


Breivik has admitted all killings, but he has denied criminal culpability for the massacre, saying he believes the killings were necessary to defend Norway's Christian character in the face of immigration and multiculturalism.

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